Yule Ball Dance Partners

Someone passed along to us a bunch of call sheets from the Goblet of Fire set. We can’t post all of them, unfortunately, but here is a dance rehearsal schedule from late last November. (Most of the sheets just contain mundane information anyway, like food, driver and chaperone schedules.)

Dancing callsheet for Goblet of Fire

Dance Rehearsal callsheet for actors in Goblet of Fire

A few things worth noting:

– Matt Lewis (Neville) and Bonnie Wright (Ginny) are taking tango lessons together.
– James Phelps (Fred) and Tiana Benjamin (Angelina) are paired together, so they’re keeping to the books on that one.
– Matt and Bonnie are also, later, dancing with the champions during their rehearsal. Hmm.
– Despite being just 8-years-old, little Gabrielle Delacour (Angelica Mandy) has a dance partner.

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