The Phoenix Files: Riddle, Part Two

By Christopher Stephen

The following is the second riddle that was sent out to the twenty finalists. This is being posted just for fun–you can’t submit an answer to Chris for credit if you weren’t contacted as a finalist!

You’ve all done quite well to get here thus far,
But just ten are going to pass this new bar.
You will need your brain and you will need your wits,
Or else this new riddle will give you all fits.
Initially, think of a girl’s former File,
Two of its letters will help in a while.
This character is one of many to “flick,”
Want to win? Find it in the books now, quick!

Next find out where I spend most of my days,
A place where i stare and I learn and I gaze.
Narrow this name down to two letters, love,
And add them to those that you got from above.

Finally, think of a word seen here thrice,
It often is found in between “cold” and “ice.”
This word is nearly as small as they get,
And now you should all have six letters, I bet.

But now from these six, you must discharge one,
It’s useless as me if you want to get done.
Think of the books and you’re going to win,
Unscramble the letters and tell me whose kin. (1)

But that is not all that you must do for me,
You could have all guessed or cheated, you see.
So now tell me, too, the letter not used, (2)
I’m hopeful this riddle has left you bemused!

Even this is too easy, so I give one more task;
Do you have your books? Then this question I’ll ask.
Book Six is the release we all now await,
So tell me whose image appears on its date. (3)

Thus, there are three things you should type below,
If you get one correct then I shall let you know.
You can send me new guesses just one time per day,
So I bid you, “Good Luck!” whilst you think and you play!


Please note, slight changes have been made, so this is a corrected form of the original riddle that was sent out to he contestants. These changes have made the riddle less ambiguous.