The U-Bend #26: No One Invited Us to the Other Party

by Andrew Lee and Robert Lanto

Yes, those with eyes too clouded by the mundane to See as I See, to Know as I Know … of course, we Seers have always been feared, always persecuted … it is – alas – our fate.”
-Professor Trelawney, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


Robert Lanto

General thoughts on happenings of book 6: OMG I NEED TO PRE-ORDER BOOK 6. Have I done that yet? I was once asked my thoughts on book 6. Well, here they are…all two cents worth. I think it will entice me to read book 7 even more. I have an idea Harry will get into some kind of trouble. Ron, his trusty right hand, will come to his aid but will also need the help of his trusty left hand, Hermione. Harry will also find out that Darth Vader is actually his father. Well, maybe not Darth Vader but there definitely will be more elaboration on his parents. I also think that something is going to happen to either Hagrid or the lady in charge of Gryffindor. Overall my biggest dilemma at the present moment is whether to buy the adult book or the children’s book or to go to a midnight thing or do some bizarre combination of the aforementioned.

Will there be romance?: Mostly PG romance, nothing X-rated unfortunately. I think we will see Ron try to get Hermione but fail miserably in only a way that Ron or a Weasley could do. I also think poor Harry will have a crack at speed dating (you know, where you date 10 people in 30 minutes), but will ultimately fall madly in love with Moaning Myrtle. That could get awkward, though. If Harry walks through Moaning Myrtle, does that mean they’ve done it?

If yes, between which characters?: Answered. See the above response.

Any deaths?: I hope so. I hope Voldemort dies, but something tells me no. I have an idea that there are going to be quite a few deaths in the books. How many? More than one, but less than 10,000. Who? People mostly, maybe some animals, and a plant that Harry crushes on his way to visit Hagrid. It never stood a chance really. I think that something big is going to happen with Snape that will stir in Harry great respect and admiration for Snape rather than hatred.

If yes, how many and who?: Again, see above.

Other thoughts: Should I get the adult or children’s book, or attend a midnight opening thing? Should I read the book in installments or in one swoop. OMG who came up with these questions? Oh yeah, reminder to self: pre-order POTTER!

Andrew Lee

General thoughts on happenings of book 6: Revenge, vengeance and the trial of the century. First, we can expect wizard justice when either the Death Eaters are placed on trial or there are massive government hearings into the corruption at the Ministry of Magic that occurred in the last book. Expect Percy’s role to be explained and a new prophecy out of Trelawney. Expect revenge and vengeance to be on Harry’s mind for the majority of the novel. Not “Evil Harry” type levels, but a more confrontational Harry for sure.

Will there be romance?: Yes. Not overly mushy stuff, but enough to keep us on the edge of our seats.

If yes, between which characters?: Well the biggest one will probably be between Peter Pettigrew and Bellatrix Lestrange. As the only two named Voldemort supporters left (unless Pyrites comes back) we can expect some tension between the two of them.

In reality, the biggest one to watch will be who Harry will pair up with. Now that he has free range again (and won’t be growing up to marry Lisa Simpson until the end of book 7) we can look for (as Robert calls it) speed dating for the first half of the book. He’ll probably shuffle between several female companions as he tries to find the one he really wants to be with. By the second half, he’ll have a better idea who he’s comfortable around and he’ll end up making a series of mistakes (like book 5) but eventually get it right.

Any deaths?: Is it a Potter book without a death?

If yes, how many and who?: I’m not expecting any students to die (unless they leave the grounds) in this book. While the most likely targets (besides nameless Auror #1) are the Order of the Phoenix and anyone in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, expect a curveball. Watch for another Bertha Jenkins-like incident where a seemingly useless employee is kidnapped and has information “extracted” from them.

Other thoughts: Sub-plots are going to start wrapping up and events will be put into motion for the finale. By the end of the book all the lines in the sand will be drawn and the final confrontations will begin in book 7.