The Underground Lake #26: One Last Thing Before I Go

by Brandon

Here it is, folks! Crunch time! We are now down to 5 days before Book Six! It seems like so long ago when I first began with my lost day theory. I’ve been going back and reviewing my old editorials. By the way my last one wasn’t so much a letter to JK Rowling as it was my recapping all of my various thoughts on the series and my editorials so far (though if she wants to read it, YAY!).

Since shall be doing a 4-5 day moratorium on all editorials, we won’t be speaking for quite a while. So I thought I would take this opportunity to do something I did for Book Five on a larger scope.

I submit for your consideration and entertainment my thoughts on EXACTLY what will happen in Book Six.

I have said different things in many places, but this editorial will be the definitive prediction palace for me. I shall spell out here exactly what I think is going to happen and when. If you don’t want to know, I suggest you stop reading now! Wait! I don’t want you to not read my editorial (double negative). Rather read it, email me, and then instantly forget what you read.

You see, I use this list that I made in short form in 2003 when Book Five came out to gauge how well I am at predicting the HP universe. This is also going to make or break me as an editorial writer. Many of you over this past year have come to regard me as something of an expert (something I do not claim to be). This shall be my test. You have all grown with me and my editorials, so this will be the test to see if I know my stuff. I am typing this now and I want you all to read it. Then read Book Six and we’ll all see whether I really do know my stuff. I pride myself by saying that I predicted that old Padfoot would snuff it in Book Five – which was the big question. Let’s see if I can go two for two.

Death of a Salesman

This one is no great shock to my readers but I think DUMBLEDORE will die in Book Six. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Dumbledore will NOT allow Harry to fight Voldemort alone regardless of the prophecy. The only way Harry will be able to fight Voldemort alone is if there is no one to stand in the way. For that reason, Dumbledore’s gotta go. Something else also struck me. For those keeping track at home, I finished OotP a while ago and started Book One again. I got to thinking about Nicolas Flamel. What intrigues me is that Dumbledore is 150 years old. We have no evidence that wizards live longer than regular humans, especially by that much. What never seemed right to me is that Nicholas Flamel is like 666 years old in Book One. How in the world could Dumbledore have helped him discover the Elixir of Life if Flamel is over 500 years older. Seems to me Flamel didn’t need any help with the Elixir of Life unless there’s some Time Travel we don’t know about. That’s the subject of another editorial, though. Suffice it to say, I think Dumbledore may have had a few swigs of elixir himself to keep him around just long enough help Harry learn what he needs to learn to finish the job. Dumbledore has known for quite some time that he has to go soon. I do not, however, think Avada Kedavra will kill him.

The True-Identity of the Half-Blood Prince

Salazar Slytherin is the Half-Blood Prince. That is my theory. Several people will be quick to jump on me because I have said before that it cannot be him because JKR said that Voldemort was not the Half-Blood Prince, but I think it only fitting that he is the HBP. I do not think that HBP is a royal title or that the prince is indeed royalty. I think it is a nickname like “Prince of Thieves” or “Sultan of Swat.” Not to mention, if it is a royal title, Voldemort is not the heir of Slytherin, Tom Riddle is or vice-versa depending on how you want to look at it.

To me, it became clear that Slytherin may have been a half-blood himself and that a nickname given to him by Godric Gryffindor was Half-Blood Prince. It is interesting that Slytherin wanted magic to stay solely in wizard families yet the greatest and most powerful Slytherin in history is Tom Riddle — a Half-Blood! The sorting hat, knowing the way Slytherin felt about such things put Tom Riddle into Slytherin. Recall also that the sorting hat wanted to put Harry into Slytherin and he is also a half-blood. It seems interesting that all these very powerful wizards seem to have a destiny linked to Slytherin, yet they are half-bloods. To my mind, he is the only character where the title fits the name. I don’t hold with the crazy “Terminator-esque” theory that the HBP is the unborn child of Ron and Hermione or that it is this unknown McClaggan. I think the key to this entire novel lies in the past and as I am so fond of saying, we are not done with the Chamber of Secrets.


This may end up blowing up in my face, but I really hope and think McClaggan is going to end up being some random guy in the Hog’s Head or the Leaky Cauldron that says one thing and is never heard from or seen again. It would serve a lot of you guys right. JKR said that she heard the name somewhere, liked it a lot, and decided to name one of her characters McClaggan. She mentioned it in passing talking about how she comes up with a lot of the names she comes up with.

The next day I come to MuggleNet and there’s editorial after editorial saying he’s the HBP or the new DADA teacher. My money is on the just a random guy theory.

Spinner’s End

We haven’t discussed that one in a while. It is the title of chapter two. I think is a geographic location like a street or a field or somePLACE of significance. I think this is where Harry will go after he leaves the Dursleys, and since JKR said he leaves for a much happier reason, I’m gonna say “Spinner’s End” is going to be a good place.

But what could be there that is good? If my theories are correct, then chapter one will not be in Harry’s point of view and will be about something that happened in the past. Subsequently chapter two will begin at the Dursleys and end with Harry traveling to this Spinner’s End which could be perhaps the reading of Sirius’ will (though I don’t think he will have written one), or perhaps that could be where Harry takes Apparation lessons with Ron and Hermione.

Draco’s Detour

I think it’s safe to assume that this chapter has something to do with Malfoy. I feel that Draco is going to be doing what he does best: spying. Since this is chapter six, I’m not sure they’ll be in Hogwarts yet so it might have something to do with how they get to Hogwarts. Suppose, just suppose, that Draco and the Trio are forced into a situation that will require them to work together and also show us that maybe Draco isn’t so bad after all. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Sorry, I couldn’t type that with a straight face. But I do think this chapter will have something to do with how the Trio gets to Hogwarts or SOMEWHERE important and they have to rely on Draco (obviously not by choice) for directions.

Felix Felicis

I keep going back and forth on this one. Is it a spell or is it a guy? Since it’s chapter 14, I think it is a spell or magical effect that they learn about in Defense Against the Dark Arts. I think it’s like the names for Priori Incantatem or a Patronus. Because of the duality of the Latin, I can’t commit to it being a person. To cover my butt though, if it is a guy, he existed a long time ago like Nicholas Flamel and will be part of this theme of history I sense will be integral in the novel.

The New Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher

It’s year six and by my pattern, they gotta have a good one. I WANT it to be Aberforth Dumbledore. I think it should be him because it would be the perfect opportunity to learn something new about Dumbledore; also I think it would help for Harry to have an old mentor to look out for him when Albus Dumbledore dies. Plus we’ll get to see ‘little brother’ syndrome take place. Aberforth is the ignored younger brother – the one that’s not famous. His deadly secret could be that he strikes up a deal with Voldemort or that he betrays his brother. I certainly hope not, but I really want Aberforth to become a character in this one. If not then, he’ll join the fold in Seven. I believe he has to be a part of the story because the only person we know that has met him is Moody the day the Order took that picture and Moody says that was the only time he ever remembers seeing him. In any event, that’s what I want to see. Honestly, I’m not holding my breath, because if it is not him, then it has to be someone we’ve never met before because that is the pattern. We have never met the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher before the book he or she debuts in. So… Aberforth or someone totally new that we haven’t heard of.

The DA

The necessity for the DA has been eliminated. It was essentially an organization to help fifth years pass their DADA owls (interesting note though: why were Ginny and Luna, FOURTH YEARS, allowed to join when they wouldn’t have to worry about O.W.L.s until next year? Also, why were the twins in the DA when they had already taken their O.W.L.s and pretty much knew that they weren’t concerned with their N.E.W.T.s?) with the secondary goal of being an underground Umbridge league as well as to arm themselves against the rising dark forces. With Umbridge out, Dumbledore in, and a (hopefully) capable DADA teacher in tow, ESPECIALLY FOR N.E.W.T. LEVEL, I honestly don’t see the need to carry on with the D.A. However, I think it could become an official Hogwarts sanctioned club. But if they keep it, which I don’t think they will, it shan’t be the same underground organization it was. But I think members of the DA will be looked to as leaders when Hogwarts is attacked in Book Seven.

The New Minister of Magic

I think Percy Weasley will be the new Minister of Magic. I know it seems farfetched and actually quite ludicrous but the foreshadowing has been there since book two.

O.W.L. Grades

O.W.L. Grade Scale is as follows (according to Hermione and Fred & George):

O – OUTSTANDING (corresponds to an A)
E – EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS (corresponds to a B)
A – ACCEPTABLE (corresponds to a C)
P – POOR (corresponds to a D)
D – DREADFUL (corresponds to a F)
T – TROLL (corresponds to a M or Z depending on your school)

O.W.L. Scores
Subject Harry Ron Hermione
Astronomy A O O
Arithmancy O
Ancient Runes 0
Care of Magical Creatures O E O
Charms E E O
Defense Against the Dark Arts O E O
Divination P A
Herbology E E O
History of Magic P A O
Potions E A O
Transfiguration E E O

Harry has to pretty much fail or come close to failing History of Magic and Astronomy because he didn’t finish those tests for one reason or another. I think he’ll have to continue Divination because I think some of those light moments JKR was referring to have to do with Trelawney AND Firenze team teaching Divination. I have Harry failing it, but I don’t think it’s crucial for him to not take it. I have him getting all the necessary grades to become an Auror, but what is really scary is the thought that if Harry does not get to take those classes, then his only career choice is not in his future which could imply that he doesn’t have a future. I have Hermione acing everything because well she’s Hermione. Ron considers himself average but I think he’s smarter than he gives himself credit.

Snape’s Worst Fear

I think Snape’s worst fear is his father. From the small glimpse we got in Book Five, Snape has some daddy issues and I think that either just his father or the thought of becoming his father is his worst fear. I also think we will discover that Snape is Muggleborn. He can’t be a pureblood otherwise he would have appeared on the Black family tree. And since his parents were (presumably married) his father would have to be a Snape, which also didn’t appear on the Black family tree. This leads me to believe that Snape has been living a lie and could be afraid that everyone will find out. Also that would also raise even more questions about the Sorting hat’s selection of Slytherins because this would be yet another non-pureblood in Slytherin.

Dudley Demented, Part Two

What did Dudley see when he was demented? I think he saw himself being teased as a child. I think he saw Hagrid giving him a tail. I think all the pain of the children he has tortured came back to haunt him. I am anxious to see a change in Dudley’s behavior, though I won’t hold my breath.

Quidditch Captain

If Katie Bell didn’t graduate in Book Five, McGonagall will have to choose between Harry and her because they would have to have started the same year though they couldn’t have been on the team longer. I realize now that if the two of them are still on the team, Harry and Katie must have started the same year, Harry his first year and Katie her second since Wood would have been a fifth year and Fred, George, Alicia, and Angelina must have been third years. It all depends on if Katie was a second year or a third year. Either way, both she and Harry are the senior members of the team so it’s down to the two of them. My money is on Katie since she is older and Harry has other things to worry about. It could go to Ron since he is so good at chess and has less to do, I can see him as a good strategist and also I want the Mirror of Erised vision to come true. I think Malfoy will be the new Slytherin captain.

Lily and the Potter’s Profession

It is said that we will know what the Potters did after Hogwarts and before death. I think James had family money but I think perhaps the Potters owned a business on… SPINNER’S END. Maybe the person left in charge died or now he’s old enough to know the family business. I don’t think they were Aurors and I don’t think they worked at Hogwarts. I think they were business owners perhaps in Hogsmeade perhaps in Diagon Alley, but HOPEFULLY Godric’s Hollow. We know that it is a village. Spinner’s End could be part of the village and that could be where the Potters worked.

We are also supposed to find out something huge about Lily. I don’t think she had an affair with Lupin (but wouldn’t that be awesome!) or is somehow related Voldemort. I think the huge piece of information we will learn about Lily has to do with why her wand is so good for Charms.

That’s it. I am signing off and leaving you until after Book Six. Remember that the wheels are in motion and I remain faithfully yours. So for the next now 5 days, remember my last!