Songs of the Sorting Hat, Week 1

Original songs by various songwriters

by Debra

So you’ve returned despite the danger,
All the warnings that you’ve heard.
Ah! Some new faces! Such a pity
To jeopardize more afterward.

You can’t be blamed, though
Giving up now will only bring evil sooner… near.
But if you’ll listen, there’s a lesson
In the song that you’ll soon hear.

Yes, hearts are heavy, some still shaken
From this loss we all still pine.
But still he’ll help you through his memories,
And not just those within our minds.

Com,e sit now, children, as I speak here.
Justice is well overdue.
Before he gathers all seven pieces
You must destroy… You-know-who!

by Elizabeth

A thousand years ago, at least
Students ate at the first Hogwarts feast.
‘Twas merriment that filled the air
All were happy, and without care.
But what is good will always end;
Three of the founders lost a friend.
Thus began eternal war
With the fourth founder at it’s core.
The one who birthed you should matter not
But tempers ran so strong and hot
Slurs were flung; they broke many hearts,
Tore united Hogwarts apart.
Tranquility seemed far away
But yet it came – it found a way.
The school was happy, at its peak
‘Till came one wizard, one not meek
One strong, fearless and powerful too.
All sense of normalcy was through.
He tried to take over yet again –
Fortunately, he failed in the end;
Innocence, it saved us all.
Yet again, this man has come to call,
Hope seems gone, forever doomed
As this dark shadow begins to loom.
But don’t give up, remember this –
He escaped the Dementor’s kiss,
But he was no match for just a child
Who was young and small, one so mild.
If we ban together, it may be
His black soul cannot roam free.
So cast aside your fatal fears,
And try to act more than your years;
When he finds strength at its most
He will become no more than a ghost.
Demons have been conquered before,
Though if it seems an uphill war,
Try to stand strong, and then you’ll see
How powerful just love can be.
Stand up together, prevent the end,
And let sorting this year begin!

by Erica N.

One less we see at this year’s feast,
A request I do implore:
That we all spare a moment
For our dear old Dumbledore.

Each year he has graced us
With his wisdom far and wide,
And never have I seen a man
Look upon you with more pride.

It is now that I have come to think
What he would have wanted,
To see his school rise up again
To show you are undaunted.

Another year will soon begin,
The sorting must take place,
Your values for your family
You must all soon embrace.

In Gryffindor I shall sort
Those who are brave and bold.
To Ravenclaw, you will be sent
Your quest for knowledge will unfold.

Good Hufflepuff will then receive
The just and loyal crew.
And those who’ll dwell in Slytherin
Are cunning through and through.

Now each year at commencement
You set me on this stool,
To do your own sweet bidding
Separate this magic school.

I now can say the need for change
Has never been more dire.
I always worry that my job
Only adds fuel to the fire.

The world around these magic walls
Collapses as we speak.
If time doesn’t change our path,
Our prospects will be bleak.

You alone will have the chance
To rise above the masses,
To put an end to seeing the world
Through rosy-colored glasses.

Stand strong and true with optimism,
Push doubt far out of sight;
For only then will we allow
Our wrongs to change to right.

Though hard sometimes it is to see
Past outwardly appearance,
An attempt at attaining unity
Will promote this school’s coherence.

Though hard it is to change
And stray off the beaten path,
Only then will we succeed
And defeat all evil’s wrath.

And just because a monstrous task
Was entrusted solely to you,
Do not forget – it was your friends
Who kept you faithful and true.

We must rely on loyalties
Or we will meet our end.
We cannot judge on proven worth;
Where does it get us, to condescend?

One day soon, a problem will arise
That leaves us feeling queasy,
And at this time we’ll have to choose
Between what is right and what is easy.

Strive, then, to do your best
And look past what you see,
Support all those above you,
Pledge your allegiance on one knee.

Take my heartfelt warning
And give heed to what I say –
Only then will good triumph
And evil be kept at bay.

Prove to all that Hogwarts
Can rise above it all.
Unite and stand for victory
Bring glory back to this hall.

Look around you and confirm to me
You will not pause or stall.
I’ll sort under one condition:
Keep these pillars standing tall.