Songs of the Sorting Hat, Week 2

Original songs by various songwriters

by Metin Fejzula

I’ve sorted every one of you
For years and years, and more to come
Though as the years grew and grew
It’s high time sorting be succumbed.

For with the perils we’re within
It is now all too clear:
We must unite if we’re to win
This constant battle of fear.

No longer do I wish to sort,
No longer is it right,
No longer stands a single safe fort,
No longer should we fight.

Please, listen to my every word
For it is of great truth:
The moral path is now too blurred
In this world deficient of ruth.

We must unite before it’s late
For justice to prevail
Otherwise blue will be our fate
And very sad will be this tale.

by I_Still_Trust_Snape

A millenium ago, I think,
Before I was ripped and torn,
Four founders came together,
And dear Hogwarts School was born.
Each founder picked the qualities
That he or she liked best,
They put their thoughts inside me,
And now I’ll put you to the test.

Do you have the courage
That dear Gryffindor admired?
Or perhaps you have the knowledge
That fair Ravenclaw required.
Would Hufflepuff suit you better,
With your honest dedication?
Or Slytherin, with your ambition,
Or your purest of relations?

Don’t fret, my friends, I will decide
Which house is best for all.
But listen well, I warn you now,
That such divisions do appall.
I’ve said it once, I’ll say again
As I have said before,
That only by uniting,
Can there be an end to war.

For no side can be strongest
Whether they are good or not,
Than when we use the qualities
That I reveal you’ve got.
For bravery and teamwork,
And a longing to succeed,
Along with knowledge, sure and strong,
Are qualities we all need.

So step right up, slap me on,
I’ll tell you what to do.
The Sorting Hat will place you
With others just like you.
But heed my warning, listen clear,
Divided though you be:
Together we’re united,
Through bonds of wizardry.

by RowlingGirl

Aeons ago, when time was young, Four sorcerers stepped up as one
And started the Hogwarts School.
So strong and sure and skilled were they
That the Hogwarts name shone bright,
Young students thronged these halls abound
Uniting the four in their might.

But discord in the four soon grew
Till they fought one another,
For what made each witch or wizard
Better than the other?
Gryffindor, who prized pure courage
Said the brave would do fine,
While Ravenclaw, by far the cleverest
Made brilliance the telling sign.

Yet Hufflepuff was just and fair
Placed hard work the highest,
And Slytherin, the cunning fox
Wanted only the purest.
As the debate raged on and on,
Rival turned into foe,
Then Slytherin put his foot down
And walked out through the door.

Hence, the four came down to three and,
New wizards were quartered by trait
Sorted into a founder’s house
In this talking hat, lay their fate.
Since then, not once the four joined hands,
Destined never to unite.
Even as darker days commence
The houses only fight.

Some greats have fallen and more will fall,
The war has just begun.
Though the leader may be taken,
There are lessons to be learned.
As already warned once before,
The houses must unite.
Though these walls may have cracks galore,
Hogwarts must put up a fight.

So this is my advice to you,
Irrespective of your house:
No matter what your qualities,
Whatever your conscience allows,
There are only two sides to this –
Good or bad, right or wrong –
So think this through, think hard and deep,
Only one may make you strong.

The other side has to go down
So choose wisely, beyond doubts,
For whatever choice is made,
Every choice counts.
And when you choose your side, stand true
For bad times may prevail,
And all the things worth fighting for
May fade away and pale.

And all that matters may be lost,
You may stand all alone.
Then remember the valiant
Whose names may never be known.
Believe that fortune favours the bold,
Believe that the tide will turn,
That in the final battlefield
You will get what you have earned.

Until this advice is heeded to,
The war will never end.
So careful which side you stand on,
Or this hat may never sing again.