Songs of the Sorting Hat, Week 3

Original songs by various songwriters

by Jessie E.

The wind whipped through the frosty gale,
And chilly air left morning pale.
Gryffindor set staff to earth,
Said, “Here’s the site of our school’s birth.”

The Founders four seached far for those,
Whom they deemed ripe to learn and grow.
Build, they did, from earth to clouds,
And chose their favorites from the crowd.

Gryffindor chose students whom
Sought glory for the tasks assumed.
Courage he taught in heavy supply,
Bravery was each student’s best ally.

Ravenclaw kept those whose minds
Were sharp as hers, the very same kind.
They kept apart, those of her house,
But their bright minds could not be doused.

Hufflepuff extended her hand,
And drew together her own little band.
These workers think before they act,
And always watch each other’s backs.

Slytherin smiled to his throng,
‘Here,’ said he, ‘where you belong,
This is now your own true hour,
I’ll teach you how to attain power!’

Since then, the houses could never see
How similar, in fact, that they could be,
Perhaps you may think me naïve,
But you share much more than you believe.

Understand, I can only advise,
Those who see with open eyes.
Bring together your hearts and minds,
Friendship is of many kinds.

by Alyce

Before me stand the promising,
Behind me sit their mentors.
Afore I sift through these fresh youth,
I will pay tribute to my inventors.

Slytherin was of one mind,
That cunning, clever man.
He coveted those just like him
When Hogwarts first began.

Those with nerve and chivalry,
Met a brave old wizarding chap.
Gryffindor adored them all,
Those feathers in his cap.

Several kids had more education
Than their comrades had amassed.
These prodigies joined Ravenclaw,
And they shared knowledge unsurpassed.

These last children showed nothing great,
Excluding their pureness of heart.
Loyal Hufflepuff took those ones in,
And gave them a fair start.

Those who exemplified their morals
Are whom the founders took.
But those who weren’t their special pets
Were very often overlooked.

Perhaps we shouldn’t divide them,
Our only future and hope.
Perhaps children have it hard enough,
Without dealing with our adult dope.

We must fight the common enemy,
Unite against the bad guys.
Help the person who is chosen,
So that the true evil dies.

Please work together,
Become acquaintances and friends.
Please help out Harry Potter,
So that our story can have a happy end.

by Megan

Listen, young wizards, and you shall hear
Of the drama to unfold in the seventh year,
Of the Boy Who Lived on that fateful night
As the twentieth century’s end drew near.

A Seer foretold of a Power to win,
To vanquish the Dark Lord, new life to begin.
The Boy did it once, rebounded the curse
Cast by the One who had murdered his kin.

He grew up mistreated, abused, underfed,
In the care of Muggles who even begrudged him a bed.
His powers grew strong, for the Dark Lord was weak,
With a lightning bolt scar ablaze on his head.

Six years since he arrived at these gates,
Awestruck and starry-eyed by the will of the Fates.
Like the Founders, ambitious, loyal, cunning, and true,
He shared in the love and the strength of his mates.

This Boy saved himself, many lives, and this school
From grip of the Dark Lord’s power to fool
Many wizards into hatred, mistrust, and greed –
A specialty evil itself only can breed.

Late in Year Six a Light was snuffed out
By one whose treacherous resolve was stout.
I hope this man’s black heart can be saved
By the power of love, what this song is about.

The Boy showed great mercy once in a Shack.
Is there mercy left for the Killer in black?
Will the Boy ever find what he seeks the most?
Does he even know what it is that he lacks?

There is one more battle left in this tale,
But without a Light, the Seeker may fail.
He needs some guidance from a hat’s life well led
Or he soon might join Padfoot behind the dark Veil.

The Seeker may ask, ‘How many vessels remain?’
That the Seeker is one, himself, is not plain.
‘Can one really not live while the other survives?’
More complete knowledge the Seeker must gain.

I say, ‘Look to the past for in it be read
The clues to the path down which you’ll be led.
Remember the Four, the Seven, the Twelve.
Keep close to your friends and you’ll keep your head.’

The last command of the Light to Petunia complete,
Moreover, the innocence of youth obsolete,
The Seeker embarks on a quest all his own,
And one of two Fates too soon will he meet.

I see yet hope in this future bleak,
A new light for all, both strong and weak,
That the Boy Who Lived will have his day,
And to all of his questions, the answers he seeks.

To the rest, I say, ‘Stand strong and united,
For the Dark Lord knows only a life sore and blighted.
Like the Founders, be ambitious, loyal, cunning, and true,
And from Hogwarts you will know true love requited.’

by Masterwizard

‘Twas two years ago today that I,
Had last performed my song,
To inform you that the sorting,
Was the problem all along.
Division is the weakness, that
Could be the end I’m told,
But I must perform my duty,
Because I’m bound by magic’s hold.
But this year will be different,
The sorting will not be done,
Foretell the future, I shall do,
Of things not yet begun.
But before I begin to predict,
This must be brought to light,
An important person has now gone,
The man whose name means “white.”
Dumbledore’s part is now done,
Although he’s done his part,
He’ll always have a special place,
Locked deep in Harry’s heart.
He may be gone in body,
But still his spirit remains,
Return to the magic school,
For his experience and brains.
Though now it’s time to leave the past,
To focus on what’s to come,
But the future is a difficult business,
If you get where I’m coming from.
The darkest of all magicians,
Found a way to stay alive,
Many of his horcruxes remain,
But are there four or are there five?
This is info that you’ll need,
To destroy the man forever,
But magic cannot kill him,
You’ll need to be more clever.
A power resides within you
That he has never known,
Use that in your fight with him,
To remove him from his throne.
It is, of course, love that I speak,
A power beyond all spells,
You have it in such quantities,
Residing in your cells.
This next part is important, So listen with all your might,
Pay close attention to me,
If you want to win the fight.
You may remember a wizard,
The maker of your wand?
Voldemort has taken him,
To learn about your bond.
The magic of a phoenix, though,
Will only go so far,
He’ll have to find a different way,
Or leave only another scar.
You need to return to Hogwarts,
To visit “our biggest friend,”
I hope you know that he loves you,
And will see you through the end.
Your friends will always be there,
You can count on them,
Trust them as you trust me,
They’re your biggest gems.
You need your friends to help you,
They’ll do the best they can,
They’ll always be there for you,
They’re your biggest fans.
And the Slytherins still think, that they,
Shall one day come to rule,
However, as I’ve told you,
Four pillars hold up our school.
United we must stand to see,
Each other through the end,
And hopefully, we’ll transform
From evil foes to friends.
You may need some help for this,
To return Hogwarts to glory,
But if you manage to find the way,
Here, I’ll end that story.
Someone may surprise you,
A man you thought was dark,
He may actually help you,
And save you from the mark.
Remember to watch out because
You’re being hunted like rats,
Do your best to stay hidden,
The Death Eaters are the cats.
Yes, I know of what they’re called,
I learn of unusual things,
Stuff like names and numbers,
And locations of some rings.
This song is not about me, though,
Or my future with the school,
I am but a Sorting Hat,
That is placed upon this stool.
Remember there are other things,
Far worse than death or pain,
Nothing’s as bad as it seems at first,
Some good comes from the rain.
You’ve become the shining ray of hope,
Within the darkness thick,
It’s sad to see, but had to be,
Your growing up so quick.
I have one more thing to tell you,
Remember my words today:
Love is the ultimate power,
And it will save the day.
Harry, you are special,
Let no one break you down,
Use what I have told you,
And you shall wear the crown.

by Magical Mischief

And here I am once again
Sitting high upon this chair.
My purpose always ever clear:
To sort out this school with care.

But after all my warnings
After everything I’ve said,
Your choice to simply ignore me
Has left our dear Dumbledore dead.

I’ve seen my share of headmasters
I’ve seen many headmistresses, too
But none before and none after
Will surpass the wondrous good he could do.

So let’s hear three cheers for Dumbledore,
The greatest wizard ever known.
If it would guarantee his life restored
I would gladly give up my own.

But I am but a hat, and a tatty one to boot,
I have no say here, sadly, and my job’s forever set:
I’ve got to sort you into separate houses
Even though it’s this that I surely regret.

Gryffindor, whom I knew so well
Was valiant, brave and true,
And if you value courage and strength,
Then this is the house for you.

Ravenclaw, with her mind of iron vice
Was brilliant, bright and smart
And if you value brains and books
Then in this house you’ll hone your art.

Slytherin, my dear, dear friends
Was cunning, ambitious and bold.
And if you value money and glory
Then in this house you’ll meet your goals.

Hufflepuff, the final founder who lived way back when
Was sweet and gentle, yet plucky
And if you have nowhere else to go
Then in this house you will feel lucky.

And of course, now you’re all wondering
In which house you’ll find your place.
And so you should be pondering
If this were an ordinary case.

But, under the circumstances,
I don’t think I’ve been quite clear
So now, I’m going to shout it
And make sure you all can hear.

For centuries, I’ve disagreed
With the way the pie is split
But I only appear once a year
Then on a shelf I’m forced to sit!

But now that I have your attention
I surely do not plan to waste it.
Evil is thick around us now,
So palpable I can taste it.

So, for the first time ever,
I don’t care who disapproves-
You tell me to do the sorting?
I tell you that I refuse!