The Underground Lake Season Two SNEAK PEEK!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the lake…

Well folks, I have returned! Sort of, anyway. First, I would apologize for my severe disregard of all things Underground Lake, except that I am not sorry. I am not sorry because I am currently very deep in my probing re-read of Book Six. My hiatus, folks, has been for your benefit. SO, what I thought I would do since you all have been so good and so patient is give you a nice taste of what I have lined up for this season. I also plan to take care of all old business here so that when the season premiere of Underground Lake Season Two comes, we can delve straight into it. First, unfortunately, I have a list of grievances.


I have only one grievance in my hiatus. And, oddly enough, it happened last night. I’d like to share a quick anecdote. As many of you know, school is starting all over the country. Many of my best friends have finally caught up with me and are starting college. Every year at this time, I do something that I usually don’t do. As most of you know, I have an AOL account. So by default, I have an AIM screen name. Every year for one day and one day only, I switch my AIM preferences to “Allow all users to IM me” so that my friends who have started school would be able to IM me, and I could save them in my buddy list. So of course, the second I did that a hailstorm of UGL IMs bombarded me (okay ,more like six). Now I had no problem with most of these people. They were polite, they were cool and they didn’t get hostile. It was fun getting to talk to my readers. In fact, it inspired me to have a chat day once a month where I get on AIM and just talk to my readers about HP for an hour or two. But I digress.

So someone IMs me and says they are named “Mike.” Like an idiot, I assume that perhaps it is one of my two new friends named Mike that I met over the summer doing Theatre in the Park. I ask if this is Mike , and he says, “yeah,” and proceeds to talk to me like we are old war buddies or something. But he sounded nothing like the Mike he pretended to be. Granted, he picked the right Mike to impersonate because this particular Mike is an avid HP reader and knew about my column. And that is what unnerved me: how quickly and frequently he wanted to steer the conversation back to the Underground Lake when I wanted to see how his life was going. Vain though I may be, I can only talk about myself so much. Something wasn’t right. So I asked him if he still went to a certain school I knew. He said “yeah.” NO!!! WAY WRONG ANSWER! I instantly blocked him permanently from my buddy list. Folks, if you want to talk to me, cool… but don’t lie! There was no reason for this guy to lie. I would have said, “My bad, didn’t mean to mistake you for my friend Mike. What’s up?” and talked HP. But no, he misrepresented himself, and that’s not cool.

That’s said, onto the sneak peek at Underground Lake Season 2.

Season Two

“The Underground Lake” premiered as a series of installments under the title “The Lost Day” on October 4, 2004. I was picked up by MuggleNet Editorials and offered a regular column on November 1, 2004. Thirty-one entries and a brief hiatus later, the “Underground Lake” is back for a second season, and I want to kick things off with a bang! I present to you a sneak peek at “The Underground Lake, Season Two!”


Part 1: The Death of Dumbledore

  • Hammer in the fact that Dumbledore is REALLY, IRREVERSIBLY dead
  • Revisit the murder scene in CSI detail
  • Discuss what Dumbledore was freaking out about in the cave
  • My opinion on the infamous “Hand Story”

Part 2: The Former Professor Who Will Not Be Named: A Candid Interview

  • Join me as I hold an exclusive one-on-one interview with him; his first since he fled Hogwarts
  • What we know about his early years
  • Revisit Dumbledore’s murder and the Half-Blood Prince’s flight
  • See connections between his actions in Books 1-6

Part 3: Harry and the Horcrux

  • Brief overview of Horcruxes
  • A full account of each of the KNOWN Horcruxes
  • Why Harry may not be a Horcrux despite what everyone thinks
  • HOW will Harry destroy the other Horcruxes

Part 4: The Wheels Are In Motion 3: 20/20 Hindsight

  • Series of connections from random events in Books 1-5 that suddenly are not so random in Book Six

Part 5: Harry Potter and the Last Great Adventure

  • Predictions for Book Seven
  • What I personally want to see
  • How Voldemort will be defeated
  • The Epilogue as I would write it


  • An in-depth look at the Wizards of the Month and their connection to the books
  • The Fate of Hogwarts: Will it stay open? Will Harry go back?
  • Grown Up Harry: Is he ready to take on Voldemort yet?
  • Where in the World is Peter Pettigrew?
  • A special 4-part series titled Cryptic Characters – an in-depth look at four important characters: Lupin, Ron, Draco and Aberforth

I hope that will satiate you all until I can finish Book Six and let you know that I haven’t forgotten you all and that Season Two will totally outdo season one! Thank you. And goodnight.