CC #156: Week of October 23, 2005

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‘This quill came from WHAT part of the owl?! I think I’ll use Muggle pencils from here on out…’
-Laura J.

Quill in the Middle of the Picture: ‘So, Ron, I’m not good enough for you anymore, huh?’

Hermione: What’s wrong, Ron?
Harry: Yeah, you’ve been really down lately.
Ron: It’s nothing…really.
Hermione: Come on! Tell us!
Ron: Well… it’s just that… Hermione, your hair is supposed to be bushy and make you look like a nerd, but instead it’s all curly and pretty. And Harry, your hair is supposed to be a complete rat’s nest, but all the fan girls are just talking about how you have that sexy messy hair thing going on!
Hermione and Harry: …
Ron: And I look like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo!

Harry Potter and the Impossible AP Course

After being attacked by giant chess pieces, a tree, a dog, brains, and birds, Hermione and Harry knew there was something wrong with Ron when he started hearing his quill talking…

Hermione: Hey, guys! Did you see? I’m on the cover of Girl’s Life magazine!!!
Harry: And did you guys see the article they wrote about me in the paper?
Hermione: And the E-Talk Daily interview with me and Harry??
Ron: *Jealously* Oh, yeah…everybody loves you two….they can’t get enough of the-Boy-Who-Lived OR the-Girl-Who-Stole-my-Lines!

Ron: Ok, now stand… stand….. GOOD FEATHER!
Hermione: Is that all it can do?
Harry: No, it also predicts caption contest results; looks like 2,000 this week.

Harry: Try again.
Ron: It’s not working.
Hermione: Ron, I’m telling you, no matter how much to stare at that quill, it won’t do your homework for you.
-Libby T.

Ron: ‘Guys, I can’t take anymore. Now random feathers are telling me I need a haircut!’

Hermione: Well, Ron, what did you expect? You are getting a bit shaggy…
Ron: Yeah, but for Professor McGonagall to call me Ginny, really hurt!
-Sandy T.

Hermione: It’s Levi-o-sa, not Levio-sa.
Ron: *Under his breath* Yes, thank you Hermione, I heard you the first 12,734 times you’ve said it the past 3 years…

Harry: ‘See, Hermione?! Hogwarts a History is so boring, even the quill’s running away!’

Hermione: Ron? Where did you get that Goblet of Fire movie script? The movie hasn’t even been released yet, you’ll spoil it for us!
Harry: Why does it matter? There’s been so many stills and clips of the movie released that anyone with a brain knows exactly what the movie is like.
-Lev Coles

Hermione: So how goes the studying for OWLs?
Ron: I’m almost finished…
Hermione: That’s great!
Ron: …figuring out what OWL stands for.
Hermione: *facepalm*

Internal Dialogues…
Ron: Maybe if I act like I am completely lost, she’ll lean in a bit more…
Hermione: Perhaps if I help him for the 1,567th time he’ll finally notice…
Harry: Oh, just get on with it already!

Ron: Harry, I know what the last Horcrux is!
Harry: What?
Hermione: Is that-
Ron: Yep, it’s Voldemort’s favorite book – Chicken Soup for the Divided Soul!
-Katie G.

Harry: Ron, are you all right?
Ron: I knew there was one slug that didn’t get out…

Ron: This is our assignment?!
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