Songs of the Sorting Hat, Week 4

Original songs by various songwriters

by Bridget Baeder

Now we know what’s been foretold
In years not long gone by
About a boy who must be bold
And kill, or choose to die.

You’ve searched his hidden history,
His past, and now you know.
You’ve revealed that mystery
That keeps alive your foe.

Follow now, without a fear,
That path with just your friends
Aware that what you now hold dear
May perish in the end.

I once saw inside your mind
Your destiny, your role
So now your quest: You must find
The Dark Lord’s shattered soul.

You have a power he knows not
So please, Harry, be smart!
The only thing he hasn’t got
Is what’s inside your heart.

So use your love for Sirius,
Don’t be afraid to grieve.
For love’s the power, mysterious,
That the Dark Lord can’t perceive.

But now it’s time to act, not speak.
Use all that you have learned
To find the answers that you seek
And make a safe return.

by Maddy

Here we are near journey’s end,
A crossroads reached at last,
So far already have we gone,
With the path ahead still vast.

For years I’ve spoken in rhyming verse,
Judging by thought and deed,
But now I’m speaking plain to you,
So listen and take heed:

The Dark Ages were a troubled time,
When persecution of magic abounded,
But hope was kindled amidst the gloom
When Hogwarts School was founded.

A new dark age has descended now,
With old hatreds disguised as new,
Our secret world will be forever changed
Before this battle is through.

Student, teacher, young and old,
Wizard, Witch and Muggle,
Neither age, nor race, nor purity of blood
Plays a part in the coming struggle.

We cannot stand alone in this,
Whatever we may think; we need
Some helping hands to pull us back,
As we teeter on the brink

Not only of humans do I speak,
But of merfolk and centaurs and elves,
By waging this war all on our own
We will only be dooming ourselves.

At this moment Hogwarts’ fate
Is hanging by a thread,
All too soon you may count your friends
Among the wounded and the dead.

I say this not to scare you,
Better to hear the dire truth,
Than think yourselves invincible
With the arrogance of youth.

To believe we will emerge unscathed
Is the essence of foolish hope,
Losses will be suffered
Of unprecedented scope.

Not all shall hear another song,
Or live to see another dawn,
It shall be left to those who carry on
To mourn those that are gone.

Do not let fear consume you,
But be steadfast and take heart,
What teamwork and friendship have thus far built
Will never be torn apart.

Invest in love and tolerance,
They haven’t failed us yet,
With strength and faith and loyalty,
We can withstand any threat.

by Indian Sunblaze

I know I look all tatty,
You may say I’m past my prime,
But I’m the Hogwarts Sorting Hat,
Please pay heed to my rhyme.
I’ve seen the school,
From when it was but a dream,
Of the four greatest witches and wizards,
The world has ever seen.
They planned and they sacrificed,
And Hogwarts came to be,
They named the houses after themselves,
And soon after, they made me.
While they were together,
Standing strong and proud,
They picked out their favorites,
From each year’s new crowd.
Those who are brave and strong,
Belong in Gryffindor.
He had a shining golden shield,
To match his ruby sword.
Those who are witty and smart,
Belong in Ravenclaw.
She left behind within these walls,
The books that she adored.
Those who are sly and cunning,
Belong in Slytherin.
A golden serpentine locket,
‘Round his neck did often gleam.
Those who are good-natured and true,
Belong in Hufflepuff.
She made a delicate cup of gold,
Both beautiful and tough.
And now that they have passed away,
I do as I was assigned,
Each year the fresh new faces,
Into four I do divide.
Bound by an old magic,
To the founders and the school,
Honor-bound to protect,
And difficult to fool.
A warning I must now impart,
The future is unclear,
And he who starts on the path ahead,
To the end must persevere.
Protective charms and spells alike,
Are not always enough,
True power comes from within,
There’s no greater power than love.
Hogwarts has suffered through the years,
It’s seen both joy and sorrow,
We must unite within her walls,
To see a brighter tomorrow.
So place me on your head of hair,
And I’ll say where you belong,
But only you can truly choose,
Between what’s right or wrong.

by HermioneLuna

A thousand years before today,
Four mighty wizards decided
To seek out those with magical talent
Wherever they resided.
They built this castle together,
Far from prying Muggle eyes
To save themselves from fear
And more: persecution and lies.
Slytherin took purebloods
Of great cunning and ambition-
To educate solely these
Was his life-long mission.
Ravenclaw prized cleverness
And wit beyond all measure;
A ready mind eager to learn
Was her greatest treasure.
Gryffindor chose the bold,
The brave and chivalrous-
All those of nerve and daring deed,
He proudly claimed as his.
Hufflepuff brought the rest,
And taught them from her heart
The magic of the ages,
A brave and noble art.
The founders worked in harmony
Through differences so small,
Each forming separate houses
Hidden safe within our walls.
Slytherin wanted to make
Pure ancestry a must,
Thinking those of Muggle birth
Were unworthy of trust.
Before too long the founders were
Thrown into acrimony,
And Slytherin chose to leave our school
With founders numbering three.
He took with him the unity
That Hogwarts once possessed;
Never since that tragic day
Have the Houses been at rest.
The three remaining founders
Continued their obligation
To train decades of sorcerers
In their education.
But Hogwarts never was the same
Once Slytherin defected,
And still, long after they have died,
Our school remains affected.
And now a battle rages,
And the end approaches fast;
Do not repeat our history-
Learn from our awful past.
Never have we seen a time
Of such tension and distress,
Please hear my song and take heed;
I do not warn in jest.
The time has come to make amends;
Cast differences aside.
Time to unite with foes and friends,
Ignoring foolish pride.
A war rages around us,
And everyone must fight:
Choices must be made between
What’s easy and what’s right.

by Constance Vigilance

Looking especially grumpy from his spot on the stool, THE SORTING HAT surveys his audience. Then a rip near the brim opens and he begins to sing…

First day back at Hogwarts School
And here I sit upon this stool.
First Years in a line – the schmucks –
From where I sit, the whole thing sucks.

Old Godric and the other three
They put intelligence in me.
As Oracle of Hogwarts lore
Each new event I’ve seen before.

A thousand years of knowledge here.
Need expertise? I volunteer!
Behind each headmaster I’ve sat
Dispensing sound advice thereat.

But do my words get past an ear?
No! I am heard but once a year.
For counsel wise, they need but ask
Instead I get this piddling task.

So I’m the beanie that will go
Eenie meenie miney moe
Slyth or Griff or Rave or Huff
Come on, guys, it ain’t that tough.

To save our world, I stand prepared.
A hundred times at death I’ve stared.
My golden sword beside me stands
But what’s the point? I’ve got no hands.

Here I sit in gross neglect:
This Dangerfield gets no respect.
I’ve rips and tears and lots of dirt.
Wash me, please? What could it hurt?

No daring deed, no laurelled grace
No maiden’s tear upon my face.
Just sorting First Years here instead.
So hurry up. I need some head.