The U-Bend #34: A U-Bend Quickie: Grand Theft Anglia

by Andrew Lee and Robert Lanto

“Then, dented, scratched and steaming, the car rumbled off into the darkness, its rear lights blazing angrily.”
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


Have you seen a light, bluish Ford Anglia recently? Was it traveling through your neighborhood at an alarming speed? Or maybe it was in the shadows of the forest as you were camping? If you did, then perhaps you’ve seen the Ford Anglia used in “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” movie. As this recent BBC article says, the Ford Anglia used for the film disappeared sometime between October 26 and October 27 from its home at the film studios at Pennwinnick Road in St. Anges. The police say it was stolen…but we all know the truth. The magical truth.

Sure, everyone pretends it’s all Hollywood special effects and “technical wizardary,” but we all know that the car really was magical. If this incident doesn’t prove it, nothing will. The car was left outside overnight and it made its move. It cleverly fooled everyone into thinking it was a normal car. Letting people think they were driving it, deceiving the public into thinking that it couldn’t move on its own, but now it’s escaped to join Herbie and Knightrider onwards to freedom. To ride with all the cars from the James Bond movies (and trust us, that’s a lot of cars) must be a thrill for the Anglia. And we couldn’t be happier, this proves what we’ve been saying all along. The movie producers have access to the Wizarding world’s technology and are using it to benefit themselves (shrunken heads and all). Ride free Anglia! Fight the power!

Then again, maybe the car isn’t magical at all. In which case, this is the first thing we thought of:

Hmmm, maybe the magical car wasn’t so far-fetched after all.

In related news, we’re placing the finishing touches on the Messing With Muggles article, so if you have any ideas on how a wizard can mess with a Muggle (in the non-destructive/killing category), we’d like to hear it before we post it.