CC #175: Week of March 19, 2006

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Mario: Luigi, I don’t think this one will go away no matter how many times we bounce on its head.
Luigi: What if we both bounce on its head at the same time?
Mario: I don’t think so.
Luigi: What if we summoned five more of our friends and all bounced on its head at the same time?!
Mario: ….

Mario: I thought that pipe was supposed to lead to the Chamber of Secrets…
Luigi: Yeah, me too…
Mario: Hah – and we called ourselves plumbers!

Luigi: It’s okay, Mario, we have another life after this!
Mario: Even that one is flashing before my eyes…
-Rusty S.

‘Mama Mia, Luigi! It’s-a been a long time since-a the good old days-a of 16-bit graphics-a, huh?!’

Exterminators: ‘Yup! That’s one bad infestation you got there…’

Mario: *Yelling at the crowd* All right! Which one of you transfigured Yoshi?!
Fred & George: Hehehe . . .
-Stephy J.

Mario: OK Luigi, I’ll cast a Fireball spell and you toss a Fire-Crab shell.
Luigi: Hey, that rhymed!
Mario: Now’s not the time, Luigi…
-Jake A. Ralphing

Mario: ‘Wow, Bowser’s weight-loss potion worked wonders!’
-Luke Brattoni

‘Looks like the producers finally gave us a challange! There’s only SO many times you can beet Bowser and Warrio before it gets old.’

Mario: I’ll, er, let you handle this one, Luigi… *Walks off whistling*
Luigi: …

Mario: If I get killed during this, you’re gonna hook me up with an extra life, right, Luigi?
Luigi: …
-Mr. Moo

Introducing the Super Hario Brothers!
Starring Hario, Ronigi, and the Hungarian Horntail as Bowser!


Luigi: ‘Uh, Mario, did we jump into the wrong alternate dimension, or is that a particullarly ugly goomba?’

As he faced the Horntail, Mario wondered if maybe he shouldn’t have made fun of Luigi for wanting to watch Animal Plannet’s ‘Dragons are Coming’.
-The Hobbit

Mario: What’s this? Where’s Bowser?
Luigi: I believe we’ve made it to the next level… Bowser’s mom, and she doesn’t look too happy.
Mario: Well, with Bowser as her kid, why would she be?

Mario: Gosh darn it, Luigi! Of all the times to accidently step on the shrink ray! Now what do you suggest we do!?
Luigi: *Whips out wand* Accio Chuck Norris!
Mario: *Facepalm*

‘Oh, great! Only one Port-A-John around, and they have a dragon guarding it!’
-Lauren T.

Mario: I bet you $50 that my jump boots can get over the dragon and into the stands.
Luigi: *Secretly sticks raw meat on Mario’s back* You’re on!

Luigi: ‘Ya know, we should really change our advertising to something different from ”No job is too big for the Mario Brothers”…’





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