CC #183: Week of May 7, 2006

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Ron: What are you reading, Harry? It looks pretty good…
Harry: Who are you – Hermione?!
-Mrs. RG

Harry: *Breaking the silence* YOU KNOW LEGILIMENCY?!
Ron: …

Ron: Please, Mr. Frodo, you haven’t eaten or slept all day!
Harry: Come on, I’m not THAT angsty!

Harry refused to show Ron his new present, but when Ron secretly peeked at it later that night, his suspicious were confirmed — a living two-inch-tall Ginny doll.

Ron: Wow Harry, I think you’ve got that ‘teenage angst’ look down pat now.
Harry: My life is a black pit of terror and woe.
Ron: Okay then…

Ron: Don’t move, Harry, I have to draw you!
Harry: …

Harry: Aren’t you glad we only have 5 guys in our dorm? Everybody else must be crowded.
Ron: Actually, if you take the number of kids there are at Hogwarts and divide by 1 room per year times 7 years multiplied by 2 genders times 4 houses, you only get around 10 to 12 kids per dorm, depending on how you round. We’re probably just a statistical anomaly. Besides, couldn’t they just magic the rooms bigger?
Harry: …
-4th of July

Ron: Harry what do you think I should wear tomorrow?
Harry: uhhhh….
Ron: Oh, wait! Isn’t tomorrow the day that all clothes dissapear?
Harry: WHAT!
Ron: Better get out our Mugglecast t-shirts.
Harry: *Runs to nearest computer*

In response to the Vatican’s denunciations of ‘The DaVinci Code’, J.K. Rowling has inserted a scene into Book 7 during which Harry goes to confession while Ron takes holy water from the baptismal font.

—-Continuing Addams Family Theme Song—-
They’re pimply and they’re broody
They talk to eachother rudely
They’re all together moody
The boys of Puberty

-Lindsay Melissa

Ron: *Singing* Come seek us where our voices sound, we cannot sing –
Harry: *Turns around hastily* ?
Ron: *Stops singing*
Harry: *Turns back* …
Ron: *Singing* above the ground. An hour long you –
Harry: *Turns around again*
Ron: *Stops singing*
Harry: …?!
Ron: *Thinking* This is too much fun!





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