A call to action: HP fans against genocide in Darfur

As many of you know or have read, Darfur, in the Sudan region of Africa, is currently under a horrendous regime of genocide and brutality. It's allowed to continue for many reasons, a chief one among them being the willingness of leaders to do nothing about it. That's where Harry Potter fans come in.

As we approach the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and fans around the world come together to celebrate, fans are yet again teaming up to make a difference. We're asking you to join in the effort today. The Harry Potter Alliance is an unofficial group that encourages fans to use the messages in the Harry Potter books to help make a difference in the world. And now there's a concrete way to do just that. Through the Harry Potter Alliance, Harry Potter webmasters are helping fans educate, inform and act to end the suffering.