Half-Blood Prince location filming begins

The Wiltshire Times has a nice report from the first day of on-location filming for Half-Blood Prince, which is set to be released on November 21st, 2008. The scene involving Harry and Dumbledore going to visit Slughorn is the scene the crews are working on, and Dan Radcliffe is scheduled to be on set. From the report:

They painted a number of houses and put up brown tape on some properties to imitate wooden beams. Residents in Church Street have been asked to black out their windows with blinds during the nighttime filming. A giant light was set up behind Cantax House to flood the street in artificial moonlight and crowds gathered to watch what was going on. A member of the film crew said: “The light will look like moonlight and it is made up of lots of smaller lights inside to give that strong effect.

The Wiltshire Times also has a photo gallery from the make-shift set, and you can check those out (with nice captions) right here. Thanks to Daniel and Jamie for the tip!