More info from HBP filming in Lacock

UPDATE: New photos have appeared on where you can see actors Michael Gambon (Dumbledore) and Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter) on this set!

Our friends at Leaky have been receiving various reports from readers who have visited the on-location filming of Half-Blood Prince in Lacock:

Ettie writes that “the part I saw was the walk to, and entry into the house. They did about 6 takes. When I left they were shooting them leaving the house, and you could hear Slughorn's voice agreeing to take the job and demanding a pay rise. Inside the doorway I could see a white staircase and light blue walls. Michael Gambon was really nice and took a moment to walk over and speak to some of the children and parents watching the set. He asked if everyone was cold and said he was freezing. He was wearing the gray robes he has worn before in other Potter films. Daniel was wearing trainers, T shirt and jacket.”

For more information from the set, click here. Filming continues through Saturday morning and we'll continue to bring you new information as we receive it. If you have any filming reports for us to post, please e-mail them to tips at staff dot mugglenet dot com!