WB gives “Order of the Phoenix” site new look

The official website for the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie has a new look, as it has been redesigned to showcase the upcoming release of the DVD for the fifth film on December 11.

Among the new editions are the ability to download and embed a countdown clock, a link to the official sweepstakes to win a trip to visit the set of Half-Blood Prince, as well as a new trailer for the Order of the Phoenix DVD.

Clicking on the “Join Dumbledore's Army” coin in the upper-right hand corner of the page will reveal a revamped DADA website, which offers a new banner to embed on your website or blog.

There is also a link to The Official Harry Potter DVD website, where you can see a demo video of the Interactive DVD Game. Fans can get more information on the Limited Edition Gift Set that includes the DVDs of all five Harry Potter films, check out their official trailers in the Warner Bros. Shop and click over to the Magical Trading Cards website.

Thanks to Kayla for sending this in!