Trio among top earning young entertainers

Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint were all named some of the top earning “20 under 25” stars according to Forbes magazine. Dan took the top honors for the male actors, landing the countdown at number six, racking in $15 million. Emma came in 15th with $4 million along with co-star Rupert, closely following at number 16.

The top-earning actor on the list, Harry Potter alter-ego Daniel Radcliffe, 18, earned $15 million. That's more than performers twice his age, like Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock, who earned $14 million and $10 million, respectively, made over the same period. The Potter franchise catapulted Radcliffe's co-stars Emma Watson and Rupert Grint to the list with $4 million apiece. This summer's fifth installment, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, was the second highest-grossing film of the year (edged out by Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End), raking in $938 million worldwide. The trio are already filming the follow-up, Half-Blood Prince.

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