With HBP, filming returns to Gloucester

In this article, residents of the English town welcome back, with open arms, film crews intent on filming scenes for the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Scenes from the sixth movie shot at Gloucester Cathedral will include those set in different locations around Hogwarts, and quite a few of the college's students have been cast as extras for them. Interestingly, Gloucester has not been used as a filming location since the first two films were produced:

Gloucester City Council leader Paul James said filming the blockbuster would pump cash into the local economy and put Gloucester on the map.

“It brings excitement to the city,” he said. “It also benefits the local economy on two levels. You've got the direct spend of people who come here filming and doing associated things and then when it's aired that Gloucester is being used and people see parts of the city on their screens it puts us on the map.”