Magical Tours 2008 Summer Internship Finalist Videos

Vote for your favorite candidate video today! Here's how to cast your vote (please, only one vote per person):

1) Check each candidate's video link on the right side of this page in the Poll area.
2) Watch all of the candidates and decide which person deserves and is most suited for the internship.
3) Come back to MuggleNet and vote!

The competition was intense with over 600 amazingly qualified applicants from 21 different countries. After an exhaustive process, the top 24 finalists were invited to post video presentations on YouTube to be voted on by our fantastic MuggleNet fan base. Several factors will go into the final selection, but your votes on the video “campaign ads” will be major!

Magical Tours plans to announce the winner and one alternate on February 21st right here on MuggleNet.Com. Magical Tours still has space available on their 2008 Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings tours, but some of the tours are almost filled. If you haven't made your summer plans yet, you should definitely check out their website here. Stay tuned to MuggleNet to find out which Summer Intern would be traveling with you!