Spielberg directing DH rumors continue to appear

A few weeks ago, we told you about two Deathly Hallows rumors: It could be split in two, and Spielberg is being considered to direct. The latter item picks up an extra piece of evidence today, after Richard Griffiths (Vernon Dursley in the Potter films) reportedly told TeleText that Spielberg is a candidate:

The veteran actor told Teletext: “Being in a Spielberg film is a pretty good place to be. My agent had conversations with him, so anything is possible.

“I'm not in the sixth film so I want bigger roles. I asked JK Rowling if she could write Vernon a bigger part and she said 'no', so there you go.”

It's important to remember that nothing is confirmed. This should not be taken seriously until more solid sources come forward. Thanks very much to Dark Horizons for passing along the article!