Half-Blood Prince filming takes place at Millenium Bridge

Milo from has sent in a report from the Millenium Bridge in London, where crews have been filming this weekend for Half-Blood Prince. Details:

– Filming is for the bridge collapsing scene.
– About 60 crew members and 120 extras.
– Stuntmen will be falling into the river.
– Bridge was being filmed with helicopter, on foot, and mounted camera crane.
– Crews were only allowed to film every half hour to allow public on bridge.
– More location shoots will be taking place in London.

You can see a nice collection of photos right here in our galleries. Milo also tells that she asked a crew member about Deathly Hallows being split in two, to which he smiled and nodded. Expectedly, he also said filming for both parts will occur back to back. Thanks again, Milo!