Half-Blood Prince teaser poster?

Over the past couple of months, hundreds of you have sent in links to an alleged Half-Blood Prince teaser poster that was confirmed to be a fake. Now, a new one is making its way around the web and we want to tell you about it before it gets out of hand. CanMag.com has a picture of a reader standing next to a new “teaser poster” in the UK. It depicts a green Dark Mark with the caption “Everything Will Change” at the top.

Two reasons why this could be fake: 1) It's blurry, as all fakes-taken-in-real-environments are. And 2) The caption is very similar to lines from other Potter films (most notably “It's changin' out there” in Order of the Phoenix).

UPDATE: We've learned from TheDailySnitcher.com that this is indeed fake. A real one to come soon? We sure hope so!