HBP Mix: No Fiennes, McCrory Filming, Crew in Norway

A few stories relating to the production of Half-Blood Prince have appeared online today.

– Ralph Fiennes, the actor who plays Lord Voldemort in the Potter films, has revealed in an interview with Ain't It Cool News that he won't be appearing in the sixth film. When asked about if he is signed for Deathly Hallows, he says “not yet.”

– On ITV's This Morning, Damian Lewis (Helen McCrory's husband) revealed that Helen is filming her scenes as Narcissa Malfoy this week. Damian said she was “extremely excited” and is following blogs that are also excited.

– Lastly, a newspaper in Norway reports on some scenic filming being done in a small village called Bjorli. The crew is filming shots that will be used outside of the Hogwarts Express. With big thanks Karen, you can read a loose translation of the article at the link below.