CC #260: Week of April 6, 2008

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Ginny: I’ll trade your 32 pieces of toast for my 5 pound sausages.
Ron: Deal!

Hermione: Since I’ve met your parents, I’m glad that you’ve finally met mine. How did it go?
Ron: It bwass horribhle! They insisted on checking by teeth, and dow by bouth ish completely numbh!

Hermione: Do you ever stop eating?
Ron: Of course. I have to sleep, don’t I?

Hermione: Ronald, you’re not eating the sausages, are you feeling okay? And what is that pamphlet about?
Ron: Stay out of it…
Ginny: It says, ‘Animals are friends, not food.’ Aww, Ron!
Blonde Boy: *Snorts into dish*
Ron: Hey, you had YOUR cause, Hermione; let me have mine!
-Maggie VB

Ron: ‘It Says here that the average wizarding family consists of no more than six children. Sorry, Ginny, guess you shouldn’t have been born.’

Ron: *To Hermione* What? I had to find something that would take me in after you ditched me for Hogwarts, A History.

Hermione: Ron, I want seven children.
Ron: *Chokes*

Ron: NBC’s comedy night is returning this week after the writer’s strike. Too bad we don’t have a television.
Hermione: Because you’re so poor?
Ron: No, wizards… just don’t have televisions…

Ron: Hermione, do you like seafood?!
Hermione: *Looks revolted*
Ginny: Ron, the scars from the last batch of canaries haven’t faded yet…

Ron would not soon forget the day he learned the exact meaning of the word ‘derriére,’ and this moment would change him… forever.

Hermione: Do you ever stop eating?
Ron: There’s an article in here that says every time you stop eating, you risk starving to death.
Hermione: By that same token, every time you stop studying, you risk failing.
Ron: Stupid article.

Hermione: Ron, why do you have all that gauze in your mouth and why are your cheeks all swollen?
Ginny: Ron’s just had his wizards’ teeth removed.

Hermione: Ron, what are you doing?!
Ron: It’s called cramming, Hermione. You may never have done it, but it exists.
Hermione: Yes, I know what it is! And I’m pretty sure it doesn’t involve food!

Ron: It’s time for us to work on our lines for our Star Wars play.
Hermione: All right, I’ll go first. ‘Why, you stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder!’
Ron: ‘Who’s scruffy-looking?’
Hermione: Good thing we aren’t anything like these characters in real life.
Ron: Totally.

Hermione: ‘But, Ron, why would anyone want to eat 156 pieces of toast for breakfast just to have their name in that record book?’
-Betty Frog

Ginny: Ron, is that Manners for Morons?
Ron: *With his mouth full* Yeah, why?
Ginny: Have you passed ‘Eating Manners’?
Ron: *Still with mouth full* Yes, Ginny, now what is your point?
Ginny: MY point, Ronald, is that you just waisted 10 Sickles on a book.
Ron: *Mouth even fuller than before* How so?

Ron: It says here that Umbridge is stupid.
Hermione: I doubt a magazine would print that.
Ron: No, I wrote that in myself.

Ginny: Ron, are you actually reading a book?
Hermione: And practicing spells over dinner?
Ginny: Hang on – what’s that title? Magically Multiply Mouthwatering Meals?
Hermione: Do you ever think about anything besides your stomach?
Ron: *Sigh* There’s no way to win…

Ron: Hermione, can I ask you something, er… important?
Hermione: Yes, of course. *Thinking* At last… it took him the better part of seven years…
Ron: Could you pass the bacon?






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