Coverage: JKR/Lexicon Court Trial to Begin Monday

UPDATE: The Guardian has a photo of JK Rowling arriving in court this morning. Also, Newsday has an article from the start of the trial.

UPDATE 2: The New York Times has a new article taking a look at the whole trial, including a quote from MuggleNet staff member Ben Schoen. They also have a picture of Jo entering court, which can be viewed here.

As we told you late last month, the court trial between JK Rowling and RDR Books over The Harry Potter Lexicon will begin Monday morning. The Associated Press has a new article about it and specifically talks about plans for Jo:

Rowling is scheduled to testify Monday in a trial that is sure to generate huge interest among Harry Potter fans and the public. Her lawyer has arranged with the judge to have a private security guard for Rowling in the courtroom and for the author to spend breaks in the seclusion of a jury room — away from any die-hard Potter fans in attendance.

We'll continue to provide updates on the case this week when available. Thanks to Remi for the tip!

We wish Jo the best of luck in court today.