Shake-Ups in the Wizard Rock World

On top of all of the news we've been bringing you today out of the wizarding world, it's time to highlight a big part of our fandom that looks to be crumbling apart quickly.

Several Wizard Rock bands have announced major changes to their bands. Here are a few of them:
Harry and the Potters have announced they will be breaking up and releasing solo albums.
The Remus Lupins have announced they will be changing to The Snapes. Additionally, Alex will no longer give hugs.
The Whomping Willows, who is made up of solely one person (Matt), will be breaking up. No word yet on how one person splits up his own band, or a reunion.
Draco and the Malfoys have announced that they are actually the Original Harry and the Potters.

If any more disturbing announcements occur, we'll let you know here.

Update: The Whomping Willows have announced that the earlier announcement was, in fact, an April Fools joke designed to draw attention to their real news: Warner Brothers has signed Matt on to an exclusive recording contract and will be setting him up as the “Official Band of Wizard Rock.” His new name will be M-Bezzle and he is adding four other men to his line up.

Further Update: Matt has posted another blog informing his fans that as the pressures of the major recording contract proved too much to handle, The Whomping Willows are officially over. He will, however be continuing a solo project to be called “The Whomping Willows“.