Coming Soon interviews Jason Issacs

The actor who plays Lucius Malfoy in the Potter films has given a new interview to, who asks him lots of questions about his role in the Potter franchise! Of particular interest, he talks about how he plead with Jo to free his character in Deathly Hallows:

CS: What was it like to pick up the final “Harry Potter” book when it came out and not know what was in there, especially for you?

Isaacs: I'm not quite strong enough to pick up a book of that weight. I had a couple of people to help me, and a winch. The secret can be out now. Before it came out I wasn't quite sure – there was a point where I wasn't sure I was going to do anymore because there wasn't much for me to do in number five and I wasn't in number six. I met Jo Rowling for the first time at a big awards dinner. I went over and basically fell to my knees and said “Get me out of prison, I beg you.” She looked over her shoulder and looked back at me mouthing “You're out. Chapter One.” And that was it, that's all I had to know, and I signed up immediately.

Read the full post right here! Thanks to Spencer and Matt for the tip.