Half-Blood Prince teaser to be with The Mummy?

Yes, the other day we did tell you that a few of those who work at movie theaters heard about the Half-Blood Prince teaser trailer premiering with The Dark Knight.

Now though, we're hearing a new teaser trailer rumor. Two people within movie theaters have heard stories about the trailer coming with The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor on August 1st.

According to MuggleNet reader Kathleen, Universal pushed to have the Half-Blood Prince teaser trailer in front of Mummy to give a little boost to ticket sales. The teaser poster will be coming a week afterward. MuggleNet reader Michele tells us that her manager spoke with Warner Brothers, who told them that the trailer is to run in front of Mummy and not The Dark Knight.

Again, keep this in the rumor category for now. All of these Half-Blood Prince pictures lately is certainly a good sign of bigger things to come. As always, we'll keep you updated!