Jim Dale speaks at Portus, treats crowd to reading

US Potter audiobook narrator Jim Dale spoke at Portus 2008 this morning, and what a treat it was! After months of anticipation, Dale took the stage and entertained the audience with live readings from a few of the Potter books.

Scenes he read from (with full enthusiasm, singing, and physical acting) included the sorting hat ceremony in Sorcerer's Stone, the trio being with Moaning Myrtle in Chamber of Secrets, and Aunt Marge and Trelawney scenes from Prisoner of Azkaban. He wrapped his readings up with the Mad-Eye Moody/Ferret scene in Goblet of Fire.

The audience was nothing short of enthralled while Dale spoke, acting like students in the Great Hall whenever there was a triumphant moment in the book scenes. In between readings, he talked about what it takes to record these lengthy Potter books and coupled the explanations with funny stories. Check out some pics from the event:

– Jim speaking to the crowd: 1, 2, 3, 4
Jim gets asked a question by an attendee
The audience listens to Jim reading