CC #275: Week of July 27, 2008

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Ron: Hermione, why aren’t you wearing gold and red?
Hermione: I’m supporting Ravenclaw today, actually.
Harry: I can’t believe how low she sinks to get revenge…

Hermione: Where were you?
Ron: Sidekick practice…

Ron: ‘You’re saying breakfast isn’t a contact sport?’

Harry: Why don’t you take that stupid helmet off?
Ron: Because then I’ll have Hermione hair!
Hermione: What?!
Ron: I mean helmet hair. I said ‘helmet hair.’ didn’t I?
Harry: Smooth, Ron. Very smooth.
-Beth O.

Ron: ‘What? I wouldn’t stare like that, if I were you, you know! The school is old, and the ceiling could come crashing down any minute, and wearing a safety helmet is the least you can do!’

Ron and Hermione were having another argument as they sat down at the Gryffindor table for breakfast.
Ron: You know-it-all!
Hermione: You good-for-nothing!
Ron: You cheater!
Hermione: You Liar!
Ron: You – you- You, um —
Hermione: You ignoramus! You–
Harry: –Both end up together, anyway! Now shut up, and eat your breakfast!!! *Shoves a forkful of scrambled eggs in his mouth*

Hermione: Ron, may I ask why you’re wearing that helmet to breakfast?
Harry: Yes, can’t you wait until we get to the locker rooms to put it on?
Ron: *Muttering under his breath*
GinnY: What? It isn’t because of Fred and George’s Pain-Inflicting Pancakes, is it?
Ron: No – Lavender thinks it looks Wonderful.
Hermione: *Spits out her pumpkin juice*
Harry and Ginny: *Burst out laughing*
-Lily Luna

Ron was expecting a letter from home. With Errol’s propensity for a dramatic landing, Ron was taking no chances.

Hermione: Don’t worry, Ron, we’ll be egging you on.
Ginny: Oh, try not to get scrambled by a Bludger!
Harry: And have confidence, Ron. Your flying is eggcellent!
Eggs on Table: Not funny. Not funny at all.
-Kaity V.

Hermione: Quel est que sur la tête de Ron?
Harry: Cela est un casque. Olivier n’a pas dû l’usure un parce que le directeur n’a pas voulu ruiner ses regards, mais maintenant ils le calculent ne fera pas de différence.
Ron: Will you stop talking in French!!

Harry: Ron, why are you still wearing that?
Ron: To protect my brain. So You-Know-Who can’t read my mind.
Hermione: Ron… I don’t think you have anything to worry about…

Hermione: It’s been two months since the last Quidditch match and you’re still wearing that helmet. Why don’t you just admit that you can’t get it off?
Ron: Because I can! I, uh… just like the way it looks on me. *Sighs*

Hermione: Right. There’s four eggs. Now, if I add one more, how many do I have, Ron?
Ron: Um… carry the three… divide by five… uh… sixteen?
Harry, Ginny, Hermione: …

Harry: ‘You’re right, Ginny. The Eye-Locker Curse is way funnier than the Leg-Locker Curse.’

Ron: Hermione, I love –
Hermione: -Yes?!
Ron: Eggs. *Serves himself another*

Harry: What are you wearing, Ron? That helmet wasn’t in the book.
Ron: You’re one to talk, Shortie Blue-Eyes…
Harry: *Grumbles* Whatev.

Hermione: Ron, why are you wearing that helmet at breakfast?
Ron: Because I remember what happened the last time you handled birds. This time you’re raising them from the egg to get even more control over them!

Ron: *Thinking to himself* Maybe with this thinking cap on, I’ll look smarter to Hermione.
Hermione: Ron, are you going swimming?






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