Harry Potter Alliance Call for House Parties

The Harry Potter Alliance is asking Harry Potter fans around the world to celebrate this year’s Olympics motto, “One World, One Dream.” The Alliance likens the Olympics to the TriWizard Tournament in that “both are ancient athletic competitions designed to bring about international cooperation,” though this ideal was “hijacked by Lord Voldemort” during the TriWizard Tournament – and “we don’t want that happening in our world.”

As the 2008 Olympic Games are being hosted by China (whose government is actively funding the genocide in Darfur, the military regime in Burma, and several other equally horrific ventures across the globe), the HP Alliance is asking everyone to come together to truly stand for the “One World, One Dream” ideal and “not allow it to become an empty phrase of propaganda like Grindelwald’s ‘For the Greater Good.’”

As part of this, the Alliance is asking you to host and/or attend a Harry Potter Alliance house party! All the tools you need to host a house party are available on the Harry Potter Alliance website.

Andrew Slack of the HP Alliance writes, “We think this is going to be a really fun way to take action on behalf of our world. We’ve even divided what you can do into Three Tasks! Together we can apply the message that we’ve learned from Harry Potter, in these dark and difficult times, do what’s right over what’s easy, and have fun as we celebrate Harry Potter and the authentic ideal of One World, One Dream!”

For more information, check out the House Parties page on the HP Alliance website, and if you’re interested in hosting a house party or would like to find one in your area, please email Dinah at houseparties@thehpalliance.org!