Scholastic interviews Tom Felton

Scholastic's official website has a new interview with the actor who plays Draco Malfoy in the Potter films. In it, he speaks about the character of Draco, Tom's YouTube videos, and a lot more.

Scholastic: What's your opinion of Draco?
Tom: Not a very pleasant one, I assure you. I figure, I think of him as a misled only child who's been slightly bullied into his state of mind, if you will. But in long short, he is a nasty bit of work. A bit of a slimy, troublesome character who's not really up for any good and certainly the benefit of anyone else.

Scholastic: Well, my next question was going to be, “Do you think people misunderstand him?” But I guess you already answered that.
Tom: Well, I suppose, “yes” would be the answer. By the same token, he doesn't do a great job of trying to convince otherwise, does he?