New interview with Dan Radcliffe in Details magazine

The actor who plays Harry Potter is once again appearing in Details Magazine, this time in their October issue to promote Equus. Details' website has online a video interview with Dan, who's sporting a very unique new hairstyle for the magazine's photoshoot.

Radcliffe is a little manic. He leans forward as he talks-arms tightly folded, eyes darting about, speaking quickly through a clenched jaw that's lightly dusted with stubble. It's likely that Radcliffe is a bit jumpy about being in public-since we left his Manhattan hotel against his handlers' wishes, a bodyguard trailing by a discreet half-block, our stroll has attained the frisson of a Compton roll with Snoop Dogg.

“Not particularly,” Radcliffe says when asked if he's nervous. “No, no, no, not at all! The reason I'm looking around is 'cause I always like to clock where everybody is in terms of who's recognized me. 'Cause they try to be subtle and they never are.”

What's the latest count?

“Well, there were those two Japanese girls, and that couple over there, and those other two girls, and that mother and daughter . . . “