Further Beedle Updates: UK Contest, Covers and Scans

For our visitors in the United Kingdom, Amazon is now offering ten signed copies of the Beedle the Bard Collector’s Edition. To enter, simply pre-order the Collector’s Edition (if you’ve already pre-ordered, you’re in!). Don’t forget, there are also two contests for US and German customers.

Additionally, three more versions of the cover and a scan from the Bulgarian version have now made their way online:


An image of a book cover, with text in Bulgarian ooverlaid on top of a blue image of a tree stump with vines curling around the whole image

Bulgarian cover


a black-and-white page of bulgarian text in two columns with a large sketch of a grave on the right. The grave has a skull on the top, the deathly hallows symbol in the center, and grass growing around its base

Scan from Bulgarian version, featuring a sketch by J.K. Rowling


An interpretive image of a rabbit leaning on a tree stump, watching two dogs. A man stands behind the rabbit with an axe. In the background are two trees and the shape of a castle. There is Japanese text overlaid on the image.

Japanese cover


A colorful image shows a tree stump in the center, with growing vines, a bleeding heart in a chest, a rabbit with a stick in its mouth, a brass cauldron with a human foot, a hooded skeleton, and a fountain are spread around the edges of the image. Spanish text is overlaid on top of the image.

Spanish cover


Beedle the Bard is now 10 days away from release and will benefit The Children’s High Level Group. Don’t forget, MuggleCast will be hosting a live podcast at Waterstone’s in London during their midnight release party! Thanks to Harry Latino for the pictures!