Two new interviews with Tom Felton

The actor who plays Draco Malfoy in the Potter films has been busy speaking to the fans. You may remember last week we told you about a very big interview with Felton-fansite The fourth and final part of that interview is now online right here.

Additionally, Tom spoke with Heat Radio the other day and discussed Potter and music. When it came to a question about Half-Blood Prince Tom didn't hesitate to reveal how big of a film he thinks it is:

BD: And, tell us about “The Half Blood Prince” movie, what can we expect?

TF: A lot, a lot, I mean obviously I’m restricted, I haven’t seen much, I limit myself to how much I actually watch whilst we’re shooting it. It was an seven month shoot and I was there throughout, and for what I’ve seen and done, it’s gunna be a… it’s gunna be an epic film.

Thanks to Mish and Feltbeats for the tips!