Beedle mix: 8 mil copies worldwide, early leak

The AP's London base has a new report about The Tales of Beedle the Bard online tonight, and we now know that 8 million copies have been printed for the initial worldwide release. 3.5 million of those copies are in the US alone.

Lastly, one MuggleNet reader has reported seeing the book already on sale. From Michael: [My friend] was shopping at our local Kroger Supermarket when she surprisingly came across the new Tales of Beedle the Bard book. She was outraged because the book's release is not until Thursday December 4th. She refused to open and read the book, but took plenty of photos of her finding (with herself and the supermarket in plain view of the books on the shelf). I immediately notified the store manager about the dilemma but he was very rude about the matter. So, I made a phone call to Scholastic Inc. They were very helpful and are currently trying to solve this problem as we speak.