Follow-up: the Half-Blood Prince trailer with Inkheart

Earlier this week we told you about a new Japanese Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince trailer and rumors that a new trailer was slated for release with Inkheart tomorrow.

At this point, we're going to place our bets on the trailer with Inkheart NOT being a new one. We've heard from two movie theater employees that have helped us figure this out.

One, a manager at a large theater chain, tells us that Warner Brothers has attached the trailer that premiered with Twilight a couple of months ago. The other theater employee tells us that the trailer is attached to the Inkheart reel itself – which may suggest it's new. However, no official word from WB leaves us doubtful.

In related news, six more images have surfaced online from the Japanese Half-Blood Prince trailer. You can see those right here on Oclumencia. Thanks to Sam, Kime, and Rob for the tips!