MTV to air exclusive look at Half-Blood Prince

In case one sneak peek during the Oscars isn't enough, MTV revealed today that they will be airing a special look at Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince during the February 21st episode of MTV's Spoilers.

While Spoilers will mainly be themed around the upcoming WB film Watchmen, MTV promises first looks at Star Trek, Transformers 2, Land of the Lost, and Half-Blood Prince.

Coincidentally, MuggleCaster Matt and I scored tickets to this taping of Spoilers after spotting a casting call. If they do play the clips for the audience (we know they're giving us a full screening of Watchmen), we'll be sure to file a report later that night. Otherwise, we'll all catch the HBP clip(s) on the 21st. Thanks to Snitch Seeker for the tip!