CC #290: Week of March 1, 2009

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Joker: Why so serious?
McGonagall: I’m not Sirius… I’m Minerva McGonagall.
-Caitlyn B.

Harry: ‘Hermione, I’ve told you so many times, you cannot pull of the Geisha look!’

McGonagall: ‘Dolores Umbridge replaced the school nurse – I’m afraid we’ll just have to get used to it.’

Ron: *Walks in, stunned.*
Harry: Nice, uh, makeover, Madam Pomfrey?
McGonagall: Harry, now would be the time for you to stop getting hurt.

McGonagall: I can’t believe that Miss Granger’s infatuation with Heath Ledger has gotten this out of control.
Harry: Well, you know Hermione’s obsessed when she wants to look like her crush!
Ron: I know, but I still can’t believe she ate his hair?!

Minerva: ‘And to think, I almost bought that dress!’

Harry: ‘Darn. I said Accio poker, not Accio Joker!!’

Joker: Wanna see a magic trick?
McGonagall: Psh!

McGonagall: Mr. Weasley, kindly ask your sister to stop administering the Batman-Bogey Hex!

McGonagall: ‘I am sorry, but this film is about fighting the Dark Lord, not the Dark Knight.’

The Joker: Wanna know how I got these scars?
Ron: Nah. Harry’s story is much more interesting.

Ron: It’s You-Know-Who’s long lost brother, Whiso Seery Us.
Harry: ‘Whiso Seery Us’?
Joker: That’s what I want to know!

The Joker: Want to know how I got my scars?
Harry: Only if you want to know how I got mine.

Harry: ‘Actually, I kind of like having a hand without bones.’

Joker: Do you want to know how I got these scars?
Harry: Can you really top my story?

Joker: Ah, Catwoman, I have found you at last! Now we can unite in our evil plans to destroy the Batman!
Harry: …Professor, is it true?
McGonagall: You’re only young once, kid.

Joker: I’m looking for Two-Face.
Professor McGonagall: Harvey Dent?
Joke: No, Professor Quirrel.

Harry: Voldemort’s disguises are starting to get really… weird.
Ron: Yeah, but I can totally see through this one; it’s obvious he’s supposed to be a pro British tennis player.
Harry: …what?
Ron: Only British tennis geeks wear their shirts so tightly tucked into their pants.
Harry: Oh, this is bad.
Ron: Why?
Harry: I have Anglophobia.
Ron: What the heck is that?
Harry: Fear of Britishness…

‘Bushy hair? Buck teeth? About ye high? …Nope. Never heard of her.’
-Orchidbreeze of FireClan

McGonagall: Nurse, Potter has been exposed to Dementors again.
Joker: Here, Potter, eat this chocolate.
Harry: That looks an awful lot like C-4…

‘Hogwarts needs a better class of criminal, and I’m gonna give it to ’em!’
-Avery Snugglemouth

A stunned Harry leaned closer to read the sticker on the nurse’s uniform: I Believe in Rufus Scrimgeour.

Ron: So, the Oscar was a Horcrux I take it?

Patients in hospital beds: ‘Can’t sleep… clowns will eat me. Can’t sleep… clowns will eat me…’





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