Harry and Voldemort grace cover of latest EW

In a follow-up to the story we brought you earlier, we now know that this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly features Harry and Voldemort on the cover.

Both are part of new lists by Entertainment Weekly: the Top 20 Heroes (Harry) and the Top 20 Villians (Voldemort… obviously). We showed you their entry on Harry earlier today, and we now have their entry on Voldemort (no new pics are found in the article):

8) Voldemort – Why Him: Cruel with no hope of redemption, Harry Potter's nemesis (Ralph Fiennes in the films) is an old-school unrepentant, power-hungry, control-freak. But his loathing for anyone who doesn't meet his definition of “normal” is utterly of the moment.

Most Evil Move: Killing Harry's parents.

Biggest Weakness: Motherly love.