Deathly Hallows Shell Cottage filming, day three

The third day of filming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 'Shell Cottage' scenes continued today and fans got to see many new things from the film, most notably a first look at Domhall Gleeson playing Bill Weasley. Oclumencia has a number of great photos from both yesterday's filming and today where you can see a crew member holding a figure of Dobby.

Additionally, MuggleNet reader Bexybat visited the set today and provided us with this report:

“Speaking to a security guard at the filming he told me that today was going to be the last day they were filming there. They filmed the scene just after apparating from Malfoy Manor, appearing on the beach with Harry, Griphook, Ron and Hermione all lying on the floor, Harry checking on Hermione before seeing Dobby staggering towards him. Dobby then collapses and Luna runs over to comfort Harry.”