Second Half-Blood Prince TV spot airs

UPDATE: Video of the TV spot can now be seen at this link. Thanks to Peyton, Brianna, and Joel for the tip!

MuggleNet reader Ziggy has let us know that a new TV commercial for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince aired during the season finale of Grey's Anatomy. While there were no new clips, Ziggy provided us with this description:

It started off with the announcer guy all “On July 15th” and then a quick shot of Dumbledore and Harry on the rocks. It transitioned to Dumbledore landing in the Memory. Then it showed Katie Bell flying into the air and Harry and Hermione staring. Following that was Snape saying “It's Over.” Then, the Death Eaters went flying through the house and the Burrow exploded. The screen goes blank and then it shoots back with Harry yelling “Fight back, you coward! fight!” and then Snape throws a spell at Harry, the bridge collapses, Death Eaters flying through the air, and then a quick shot of a window exploding.

Readers may remember that the first TV spot aired last week with new clips. As more TV commercials for the film appear (and you eagle-eyed MuggleNetters spot them), we'll let you know of 'em!