Bonnie Wright and Rupert Grint on Half-Blood Prince

There are two new interviews online this morning that each interview a Weasley sibling.

The first one is from The London Evening Standard with Bonnie Wright. Among other things, she talks about how to survive the Potter set after all these years:

'In a banqueting scene, you must never be filmed actually eating,' she says very seriously.

Otherwise you'll have to keep on for the sake of continuity. The food gets cold and stale, and you start to feel really sick.' (Especially if the director is David Yates, notorious for his numerous retakes.) You have to make sure the spoon only goes as far as your lips.'

Meanwhile, The Telegraph spoke to Rupert Grint. He dished on the big kiss with Emma and his dating life:

“I've never been seriously involved with anyone. I've certainly never been in love. I've always preferred to keep things casual,” he said.

“It's not that I find it hard to meet girls – they do come up and chat me up from time to time. Sometimes I'm interested, I tend not to go for the prettier ones. I prefer the quirkier types.”