Emma Watson talks life on the Potter set

Here's a great new interview from Times magazine with the actress who plays Hermione Granger in the Potter films. Emma talks about what a typical day on the set is like, and her feelings about the franchise after being involved for so long:

On the Potter set, “it takes an hour to get ready every day. They call us at 7.30am.” Watson leans forward across the trailer's Formica table to show me the extensions plaited into her backcombed light brown hair to give it Hermione Granger's messy curls. Plus there are fake scars – “They must have rubbed off – I just took a nap” – and plenty of slap to make her lightly freckled skin matt and witchy. The heavy eyebrows are for real, though.

Watson is still thankful she was not forced to wear the buck teeth allotted to Hermione in the books. When she put them in, she couldn’t talk, and the director dumped them, along with Radcliffe's green contact lenses, both too hard on the young stars. Watson still found her role a burden as well as a pleasure. “When I was little, I didn’t understand that other kids thought I actually was Hermione, really geeky. It was devastating. I thought no one would ever fancy me. And the costumes…”