LA Times looks at designing Horace Slughorn

Continuing their Potter countdown, this morning The Los Angeles Times has posted a look at how costume designers designed Horace Slughorn's wardrobe for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince:

“Jim is not a small, fat man. He is tall and strong,” [costume designer Jany Temime] said. “So we had to change and adapt.” To do that, Temime used all of J.K. Rowling’s atmospheric detail to tell the story of Slughorn through his clothes rather than his size.

She explains: “Everything we did for his costumes was very rich, but also very used, because he’s not a rich man anymore. He hasn’t worked for a long time. He is a bit of a has-been. But his clothes, even if they were from 20 years ago, were once upon a time, very rich and very glamorous. So we went for 'Old Glamour' when designing.

The piece is a very interesting read. Check out the whole article right here!