LA Times talks to Arthur Weasley

Continuing with its countdown to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the LA Times has a new interview with Arthur Weasley actor, Mark Williams. The interview focuses, mostly, on the character of Mr. Weasley throughout the series and Williams also jokes about taking some props home:

If you could, once all of the films are done, take something from the set, what would it be?
In the Weasley household, there is a clock that shows where everybody is. It's the most beautiful piece of prop-making. Lots of that is unappreciated and you just go on the set and you're like 'Oh my God!' You just want to give it a close-up … The hands are the ends of scissors, and it says things like 'school,' 'work' … and one of the sections says 'in mortal peril.' I'd love that. And it doesn't work, by the way, cause I've been in mortal peril and it didn't say anything. I've come back and it just said 'at work.'

Enjoy the rest of the interview here.