New interview with director David Yates

Two days before the premiere of the long awaited sixth movie, has posted a great interview with director David Yates. In it, he discusses how he got the job to direct four movies in a row, the MPAA rating for Half-Blood Prince, and how filming for Deathly Hallows is going. He reveals that while they are aiming towards directing part one of the two-parter Deathly Hallows first, filming for the second half had to be done as well due to the availability of the actors. Shooting for both movies is scheduled to end around spring, according to Yates. He also mentions a bit about Bill Nighy, who talked a bit about working with the director earlier today.

In reference to the humour in the sixth movie, Yates had this to say:

I really love the humor. I like humor. I think it leavens the load a little bit, and Dan, Rupert and Emma do it quite well. Even though the next script is quite intense, and Steve's really great at pairing it with little moments that are quite charming. They're not gags. They're just really delicate funny humorous bits. Then I'll throw in a few things, like the scene with the pies when Rupert sits down. That was just a bit of improvisation. There was just a big plate of pies and I went, “Rupert, I know what we'll do, let's try this” and then Steve writes a lot of really funny stuff which I adore, and the guys adore doing. I think we need to keep that. I think audiences enjoy it, it keeps them in the right mood.