Radcliffe answers fans in Time Magazine interview

In a new article with Time Magazine, Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe answers questions from fans ranging from how different he is from the character of Harry to what it is like working with such British acting royalty. One fan even asked him something no journalist ever thought of before.

What do you think has been Harry's greatest misstep or failure in judgment? – Susan Bevins, Winter Park, Fla.
Susan Bevins, you have asked a question no journalist has ever asked me. I think the way he treated his friends a couple of films ago was quite questionable. They're always there for him, and he was a little bit ungrateful. I think Harry is a flawed character. He can be quite selfish and really manipulative. He's not all sweetness and light.

You can also watch the video of it right here. Thanks to Leaky for the tip!