The Los Angeles Times speaks with Emma Watson

It's now Emma Watson's turn to be interviewed by The Los Angeles Times (Dan's interview is coming tomorrow). In it, she speaks about Half-Blood Prince and her relationship with author JK Rowling:

“I must admit I still feel quite intimidated by her,” Watson said. “Not because she is actually intimidating, but because I admire her so much, and we have all been such mad fans of the books and her and everything.”

The author Rowling has said that Watson’s character, the sweet but swotty Hermione Granger, is based in part on her own persona as a child. That has led to a mutual fascination society between the actress and the writer who, together, have shaped the character. In “Half-Blood Prince,” Hermione is the wounded heart of the film, dealing with her stirring feelings for childhood chum Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) as well as the dark threats gathering at Hogwarts.

The LA Times also promises a special Potter section in this weekend's edition of the paper.